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Lodge a complaint

Fab FM invites and welcomes your feedback. To email Fab FM please fill in this form and a member of our staff will process your email.

Please note that whilst an anonymous complaint may be submitted, Fab FM does not respond to anonymous correspondence. If you would like a response to your email please fill in your full name and a valid email address. All emails, including anonymous emails, are noted by Fab FM and conveyed to the relevant program area.

The personal information collected in this form will be used to consider (and, if necessary, investigate) your complaint, question or comment and respond where required. Your contact information may be used by Fab FM for the purposes of conducting surveys. In accordance with Fab FM Privacy Policy, we may disclose your contact information to third parties to assist us in hosting these surveys. You can read more about the collection and use of personal information here.

Heard Something you don’t like?

In the first instance, complaints should be made to Fab FM. Listeners may lodge complaints by telephone, post, e-mail or electronically. If you would like to complain about something you have heard on air, you are encouraged to lodge a complaint in writing by filling out the Complaint Form below.

Fab FM will make every reasonable effort to resolve complaints except where a complaint is clearly frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith. Responses to complaints will be courteous and comprehensive and will deal with substantive issues.

Reasonable effort will be made to deal with a telephone complaint during the course of the telephone call. If that is not possible, the complainant may be asked to make the complaint in writing.

Written complaints will be acknowledged in writing, within fifteen days from the receipt of the complaint and Fab FM will respond substantively to the complaint within thirty days of receipt. If the complainant has not received a response within sixty days or considers that a response within that period is inadequate he or she may refer the complaint to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

A complainant will be advised that he or she is entitled to refer the matter to the Australian Communications and Media Authority where the complainant is not satisfied with the response to a written complaint.

Fab FM will maintain a record of written complaints received, and a summary of the complaint will be made available to the Australian Communications and Media Authority on request.

Complaint form

Please note that this form is to be used only for complaints made under the Open Narrowcast Radio Codes of Practice (Code).

Content on this station is regulated by the Code. The Code covers areas such as material not suitable for broadcast, news and current affairs, Australian music, live hosted entertainment and the promotion of gambling during live sports.

As narrowcasters operate under class licences they are subject to the conditions provided under Part 7 Schedule 2 of the Act, which covers matters including:

  • a ban on tobacco advertising;
  • a requirement to comply with any applicable program standards approved by the Australian Communications and Media Authority;
  • a condition not to use the broadcasting service to commit an offence;
  • requirements to comply with the Act in relation to broadcast of political and electoral material and advertisements relating to medicines; and
  • requirement to keep a record of material broadcast.

The purpose of the Codes is to establish specific obligations for narrowcasters and service providers within the self-regulatory framework, in relation to programming, handling of complaints, and where applicable, the classification of programs and customer service.

NOTE: This complaint form is only for complaints made under the Code. If you would like to provide general feedback please refer to the Contact Us page of this website.

Complaint Form

Complaint Form